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Here at The AVent Techs, we provide technical support for all types of live events nationwide. Whether you’re looking for a crew of highly qualified technicians for an important corporate meeting, or stagehands for an outdoor event, you’ve come to the right place. We take great pride in how we select each technician that we hire. We are confident that you’ll be pleased with what our Labor Coordinators can do for your next event.

We are fully insured with both general liability coverage as well as worker’s comp coverage. We are also compliant with all federal and state employment rules and regulations. Our technicians are our employees, so they are payrolled, which means all the appropriate federal and state taxes are withheld. And not being 1099 freelancers, means we have more control over the quality of our crews.

We specialize in filling the following positions for our many satisfied clients:


A1 (Audio Engineer)
The A1 is completely in-charge of all sound-related aspects of the production. This includes responsibility for the placement and operation of the mixing console, outboard effects/equalization racks, microphone placement and sound reinforcement system.

A1 rates are designated to the FOH Engineer, Monitor/Foldback Engineer, Field ENG Mixer/Boom Operator, and Mixing Engineer (Multi and Single Track recording)

A2 (Audio Assistant)
An A2 is a technician specializing in audio duties. This technician can be responsible for the acquisition, upkeep and use of the audio system, communication systems, microphones and backstage monitors.


Camera Operator
A highly proficient technician responsible for operating a video camera on tri-pod in a fixed position for the purpose of I-MAG and/or ISO-record. The operator is responsible for the complete set-up, operation, maintenance and strike of the camera.

Camera Operator (Hand-Held)
A highly experienced technician who operates a video camera for the purpose of I-MAG and/or ISO-record with a shoulder mounted camera (or any other type of steady-cam rig). The operator is responsible for all aspects of set-up, operation, maintenance and strike of the camera.

A highly proficient technician that sets up, color matches and/or blends video projectors (LCD or DLP). This technician also troubleshoots and can also be placed as the tape operator for show run positions.

LED Wall Specialist
A highly specialized technician that is competent with setting up, programming, operating and striking of LED wall display products. (Please note when booking any projectionist or LED Wall Specialist – specify any gear being used).

PowerPoint (Graphics) Designer
A technician specializing in the concept, design and operation of all PowerPoint presentations and/or show graphics.

PowerPoint Operator
A technician proficient in the operation and minor editing of PowerPoint (or Keynote presentations) and show graphics. (When ordering – Please specify the use of either MS PowerPoint or Keynote)

Technical Director
In control of calling camera shots, program feed and operating the switcher for the show.

Tape Operator
A highly specialized technician with the proficiency in operating various video recording and playback tape deck and hard drive based devices.

V1 (Video Engineer)
The V1 is responsible of all video-related aspects of the production which includes the video switcher, displays, engineering racks and processors, camera placement and camera control/shading.

The V1 rate is designated to Folsom Operators, Video Control Technician and Video Bay Engineers. Please note – Encore and Spyder ops are by special request and require at least one week notice.

V2 (Video Assist)
A V2 is a technician specializing in video duties which includes assisting the V1 with the set-up of the “Video Village”, video bay, Folsom switcher(s), signal and power cabling, building and placing camera(s), screen building, displays (LCD’s, Plasmas, LED Walls, etc) and any other duties as directed by the V1 as well as striking of any video related gear.


L1/Lighting Director
The L1/LD has complete responsibility for the overall execution of the lighting design. This person oversees the lighting crew, power management, instrument placement (according to the lighting plot), board programming, lighting “focus”, show operation and strike.

Lighting Designer
The Lighting Designer devises the complete lighting concept of the show. Core functions include designing the lighting plot, required equipment and liaising closely with the Project Manager (as well as other department heads) and detailing crew requirements.

Master Electrician (ME)
A lighting technician whose responsibility includes all non-design aspects of the lighting in a production and tying in main power, power distribution, circuiting lighting instruments and dimmer patching.

L2 (Lighting Assist)
A technician specializing in lighting duties which include: running power and necessary data control wiring to all lighting fixtures, hanging lights in the proper place, installing the necessary color and image patterns into the lights, and striking of any and all lighting related gear. They can also provide support in the “focus” of the lighting instruments.

Spot Light Operator
Typically an L2, this technician is experienced in the show operation of various spot lights.


AV Technician (Set/Strike)
A technician with an extensive skill set and experience in audio, video, and lighting. AV technicians may be used in meeting rooms, exhibits and general sessions with the main emphasis of use in breakouts and exhibits.

AV Technician (Floater/Operator)
A show technician that is experienced with floating or operating breakout rooms and exhibits. These technicians possess extensive customer services skills, troubleshooting ability and experience and understanding with show operations.

A technician that specializes in stage set-up including sets and props.
Note: All carpenters provided by The AVent Techs are equipped with specialty tools (Screw gun, basic tool kit, etc).

These are low skill technicians predominantly for moving of gear, truck loading and unloading, truss building and various other positions not requiring a technician of any specific skill set. They provide general support for load-ins and load-outs.

Computer Tech
A technician that possess skills for set-up, basic networking and troubleshooting of computers.

Any of your positions not listed here? Please call: 213-341-1061

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Please complete the form below and we will respond to you the same day. Or, simply call us at 213-341-1061. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist with your needs. You may also email us directly at tat@theaventtechs.com. We look forward to showing you what we can do toward the success of your next event.

Some of our satisfied clients include:

Freeman * PSAV * LMG * FMP * SmartSource Rentals * American AV * Creative Technologies

as well as hundreds of other production companies both large and small, national and international.

Praise from our clients

  • The AVent Techs – Wanted to reach out and let you know how pleased we were with the amazing crew you provided to us. You once again made our lives much easier by providing such a top-notch crew. From all of us here, we thank you guys for all you do.

    Melissa B. Production Manager
  • You guys ROCK! You never let me down, especially in my time of need. Can’t thank you guys enough for being so professional, even when I’m calling at the last minute. Your entire in house staff is always so nice and easy to work with and we appreciate you treating us as if we were your only client. Oh yea, and the crews you send us are always so spot on. They are always professional and they always have the skill set we ask for. Keep it up! Thanks for everything!

    Mitch W. Director of Live Events
  • I’m happy to tell anyone who will listen that The AVent Techs is my go to source for AV labor. Regardless of how many guys I need, you always make the process so much easier for me and my team. The simultaneous 20 city we had last fall would have been a total disaster if it weren’t for the great crews you lined up for us. You truly know how to make a PM’s job easier. Please keep doing what you always do and thanks for being such a reliable resource to us.

    Jason D. Production Manager
  • I have traveled all over the country over the last 10 years doing large events for our clients and since coming across The AVent Techs, you’ve made our lives much less stressful. We used to spend endless hours trying to find the right guys with the right skill set, but since that first event you helped us with last year, I’ve been able to spend my time working with my clients and not rounding up average crews in every city we go to. You really have made our lives so much easier! Thanks Tim and Marcus!

    Stanley G. Event Manager
  • Tim, Marcus and Ryan, All of us here are so grateful to have you as a partner on our events. You guys always manage to find the best technicians and when we know you are staffing our crews, then we all feel much better about how the show is going to go. Keep up the good work! Thank you!

    Brian M. VP of Operations
  • Hey Marcus, Tim and Ryan: I’ve dealt with dozens of labor vendors over the years, and you guys are head and shoulders above them all. You’re always pleasant to work with, even when I constantly have last minute changes. You always send me the best AV crews and my clients have come to expect the best when we work with you. Thanks for all your help over these last few years. We wouldn’t want to do another road show without you both providing us with such great teams.

    Albert O. Director of Live Events
  • Hey guys . . .Once again, the crew you sent us was fantastic. They all got the job done in record time and they made our client very happy in the process. We would be lost if we didn’t have you as a resource, so thank you for always being there for us.

    Frank M. President